About Us

A Practice for Women by Women

The professionals at Women’s Medical Center are committed to providing a level of service that’s focused on one simple thing: The benefit of the patient.

“We take this seriously,” says Dr. Elizabeth Moore, partner in the practice with her sister Dr. Patricia Moore, and Dr. Ticaria Lipsey. “We’re going to listen to what you want and help you understand what’s medically going on with you.”

New patients at Women’s Medical Center are guaranteed a 30-minute one-on-one with their physician. “It’s important for you to feel comfortable, for you to understand the plan,” says Dr. Elizabeth Moore.

Where some physicians might push for surgery, the associates at Women’s Medical Center are committed to explaining why surgery may not be the best choice. “There are so many choices these days beyond hysterectomy. Even our salary structure is made not to make surgery lucrative for our doctors.”

The culture of the office itself is laid bare as well, so that patients can be assured of the utmost dedication and commitment from staff and providers. “I really think that how you have something set up influences what you do,” says Dr. Elizabeth Moore. As an example: You’ll never see a pushy pharmaceutical rep in the offices of Women’s Medical Center. “They don’t bring lunch, and we don’t allow them to bring free samples. We aren’t influenced by them.”

For a lot of people in medicine, medicine is a business. But patient-centered care comes first at Women’s Medical Center. “Part of it is, we treat our staff like human beings, too,” Dr. Elizabeth Moore says. “We have specifically said to our staff, if you find yourself within conflict from taking care of a patient and following a rule, take care of the patient.”

The staff at Women’s Medical Center utilizes physician assistants (PA-C) and certified nurse midwives (CNM) for both routine exams and problem visits. Midwives do about 2/3 of the vaginal deliveries in the practice each month. Currently the practice has four Certified Nurse Midwives.

In January 2007, CNM Heather Cantrell delivered the first baby by midwife at Piedmont Fayette Hospital while the hospital’s Women’s Services Department was still operating on a very limited basis. Many of our patients appreciate the technical proficiency and excellent bedside manner of our Certified Nurse Midwives as they deliver.

Taking care of patients for life is also a priority for Women’s Medical Center. “A lot of our colleagues don’t take Medicare, but if you’re our patient, we’re going to keep taking care of you after you turn 65,” promises Dr. Elizabeth Moore.

The caring physicians of Women’s Medical Center also give back to the community, as the only OB/GYN office volunteering services to the uninsured through Fayette Care Clinic.